Lost Dog Policy


Clarification on Lost Animals: We at A Dog Eared Corner Pet Grooming love animals and are happy to act as a community liaison between joining up the Good Samaritan, the lost animal and the frantic owner. We are happy to take down all pertinent details about the lost animal – description, unique characteristics, time & place where it was found and most importantly, telephone #s. We cannot, however, take the animal into the shop and foster it here. The Good Samaritan must hold onto the animal if he/she has committed to rescuing it. We will do everything possible through our contacts and social media to help in the reunification process, except foster the animal at the shop. If you bring the animal into the shop, we can take a look at it to see if we recognize it as a customer of ours and will make the appropriate telephone calls but we cannot keep the animal in the shop. We have had fantastic success in joining up all parties and look forward to continuing to be a helpful part of our community!



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