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Thank you for inquiring about our Daycare. We do not provide overnight boarding but we do provide a safe place to leave your dog for the day. We are primarily a grooming shop but our daycare evolved out of the needs of our grooming customers to provide a safe place while they took day trips or perhaps just needed the dog out of the house for the day. 


All dogs must be pre-approved to see if they are compatible with our shop environment. We cannot take puppies or un-neutered males. We have a small, fenced-in area inside our front lobby with large windows.  We have a fenced-in area outside where your dog is allowed to use the potty and get some outside time. We do not feed your dog while it is visiting with us. Plenty of water is provided and an occasional treat is offered.  


Daycare hours are Mon-Fri 8:00AM - 6:00PM


Daycare not enough? Looking for a clean, safe kennel for overnight boarding? The DogEaredCorner recommends Wag-N-Train Kennel. Phone# 803-781-8825

All pets must be pre-approved.

No Daycare on Saturdays
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